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TD Pre-Insulated Aluminum Duct is developed specially for the air distribution of HVAC field and the answer to economical, technical, and constructive questions. The application of TD Duct has been gradually extended to all types of air distribution system such as industrial (food industry, textile, electronic), commercial (shopping malls, commercial complex, office blocks, airports), public building (theatres, hotels, schools, hospitals,) and residential (apartments, villas).

Many different material and system such as composite, PVC, etc had been developed as an alternative to the galvanized sheet metal used traditionally. TD Pre-Insulated Aluminum Duct is one of the solution. It is the most advanced and innovative system of pre-insulated air distribution ductwork available worldwide.

What is TD Pre-insulated duct PU panel? In brief, it is a sandwich panel composed of a layer base from good fire retardant rigid polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam covering both sides with aluminum foil, the aluminum guarantees sturdiness and withstand corrosion in long-term use.

It is very simple in appearance. With the use of the rigid polyurethane foam, there is no need for any additional insulation for the duct. However, it is not so simple in the advantages it brings to people.

TD Ducting system virtually eliminates all the problems of traditional metal ductwork while at the same time offering extra advantages to the consultants, mechanical engineers, fabricators, and installers.